When I had you referred to me, I wasn't sure I needed any major help. I figured as a hard-working person myself that my grit and "smarts" would get me through launching my niche swim wear label. I thought all I needed was to find a manufacturer and pattern-maker and that I could "take it from there". How wrong I was!


To anyone else who is considering engaging Suzanne's professional services, do yourself a favor and do it. You will not regret it.


Suzanne's experience clearly comes into play from the outset. As with any fashion/swim wear label, there are many ups, downs and total stops. Every time there has been a crisis, Suzanne has been a professional, guiding and relentless advocate for Marvell Lane.


From finding an appropriate manufacturer in China, to liaising with the manufacturer until it was ready for hand-over to me, to finding me a new niche and experienced pattern-maker (twice), to formulating manufacturing deadlines, it is clear that Suzanne is more than experienced in the end-to-end process of setting up and running labels.


Suzanne has fielded night-time calls, weekend calls, weekend emails and is always following up with any issues she thinks need to be checked on. To say she goes over-and-above for her clients would be an understatement. Suzanne acutely understands the pressures, anxieties and constant follow-up that is par-for-the-course with this industry.


Marvell Lane is going from strength to strength and Suzanne's guidance for Marvell Lane is fluid and adapting with all these changes. I am so looking forward to continuing to work with Suzanne in the future.


Warmest regards


 - Rachael


We have been in collaboration with Suzanne for over one year now. Her guidance, expertise and knowledge about bikini and active wear has been priceless.


She understands all the requirements and needs for her clients and without her professional understanding of every detail with in the business, we would not have been able to achieve what we have today.


Good luck and we highly recommend Suzanne to help you further on your journey, she will be a great asset to your future ventures.


 - Kendra Philips


I have been working with Suzanne as a mentor for the last 6 months.


As an emerging swim wear brand and designer I really need someone to guide me on the ins and out of the industry.


And Suzanne's expertise, knowledge and experience  was the guiding hand I needed.


She helped shape my timing  as a designer and so that I was focused and working on the right thing, in the right areas at the right times.


Apart from that she has also been a great sounding board and advisor.


Having someone to nut out the problems with,  help you get things out of your head and having wise feedback.


When I have been feeling stuck about which way to turn,  or a difficult decision that has to be made, she has always been available for a chat , by email, text or phone.


But best of all, she's a wonderful person who really cares about you and your business


She's on your team.


And on the those difficult days, (because those hard days are always there)  sometimes that's the magic formula you need  the  most.


 - Susan Alexopoulos


I have been mentored by Suzanne Christie for a year now, while establishing my own ready-to-wear fashion label.


I have gained so much confidence from the amount of knowledge and life experience that Suzanne has so generously shared with me. I feel more


prepared to take on my own business than I ever have in the past and would highly recommend,


Suzanne as a mentor to anyone starting their own fashion business for the first time.


- Arnavaz Lindsay


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